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Choose the “music energy level” that suits your mood or enjoy the pre-selected music for your processes.

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Music Energy Level #1

About the Music

Music for slower paced activities such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation or simply bringing yourself to a sense of peaceful calm at any time in your day.

Music Energy Level #2

About the Music

Sometimes a very gentle rhythm can help you stay focused. This music is soft and beautiful and keeps you engaged with a bit of a pulse. Great for any slower paced exercise, activities or even work or studying.

Music Energy Level #3

About the Music

This music picks up a little energy to keep you moving and happy. Light energy with amazing melodies motivate your walking, weights, cooking, vacuuming! All well inspired  by these wonderful sounds and beats.

Music Energy Level #4

About the Music

Get up and move! This music is designed to get your head boppin’ and your body swingin! From salsa music to celtic rhythms — this music will infuse your day with some very fun energy.

Great for workouts, cleaning, walking the dog or any other boring job that needs a bit of a back beat!

Stress Relief – Spoken Word

About the Music

Sometimes the right words, at the right time, set to the right music can completely lift your day. Enjoy these wonderful processes and release all of your stress, challenges and stuff that makes your head feel really full!

Stress Relief – Music

About the Music

Carefully composed music connects with your inner sense of calm and peacefulness to create the ultimate environment for stress relief and ease.

Fables with Feelings

About the Music

These unique and engaging narrated stories, set to music, offer positive messages of acceptance, understanding, self-esteem and tools for building happiness, effectiveness and success.